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Chevrolet Accesories - Sales Benefits
side airbags in the camaro coupe

Safety film

GM’s certified and approved protective films for automotive glass include professional installation, increase their performance, improve their appearance and protect the vehicle and its occupants. These films are developed using the latest technology and are available in combinations of solar control and safety.

modification accessories for the exterior of your 2013 chevy camaro

Sport Kit

The sports kit creates a dramatic and aggressive appearance. The metallic gray finish allows to be installed without painting and accentuates the color of the Chevrolet Camaro® Coupe, if you prefer, you can match it to the original color. Includes front spoiler, rear diffuser with chrome bezels for the exhaust tip and tails. Not compatible with molded mudguards.

protect the exterior of your chevy camaro coupe with a car cover

Vehicle Cover

Two different types of covers are available to protect your vehicle; both sport the logos of Chevrolet Camaro® Coupe. A cover for indoor or closed garages protects your vehicle from dust. There is also an outdoor cover available, which is waterproof and provides protection while allowing moisture perspiration outwards.

wheel locks to protect your camaro coupe

Lug nuts

Protect your Chevrolet Camaro’s wheels and tires with these accessories.

weather proof mats for your 2013 chevy camaro coupe

Vinyl mats

Get ready for any terrain condition with these vinyl mats, suitable for all kinds of weather.

spoiler accessories for your chevy camaro

Blade Trunk Spoiler

Customize your vehicle with this race-inspired accessory. Available in all  Chevrolet Camaro® Coupe colors.